Mango Technologies: Ripe for the picking

With urban markets stuttering under the effects of the downturn, rural India has become more important than ever before for mobile handset makers who are racing against time to make inexpensive handsets with high-end functionalities. Powering them is Mango Technologies, which has set its sights firmly on this segment not just in India but other countries as well. 

Mango's application framework comes with a designer tool and a phone simulator, which allows handset makers to perform much of their user interface development on a personal computer. This software comes at one-tenth of the cost it usually takes elsewhere, says Maheshwari, Normally the time to market is nine months to the year. Ours takes 3-4 months, he says. The software can also be adapted to suit various regions of India speaking different dialects, and also across other geographies that the company is targeting, like China and the East European market. The development time has been reduced by addressing activities that took up maximum time during the phone development cycle.  

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