Here's just a small sampling of the treasures we've worked over the years.

VIRE (Voice Instructions Recognition Engine)

The basic aim of VIRE is to enable the development of low-cost speech technology applications; that is, to recognize the instruction provided by input device (e.g. smart phone) and act accordingly depending upon the instruction.

iStreamLife: Broadcast Live as it Happens

Happen is a new audio/video streaming mobile application powered with cloud based streaming
server platform that allows you instantly broadcast any moment of your life over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection, virtually from anywhere Live to your multiple social contacts spread across globe. Geographically separate different locations.


carom Suite

Advanced cross platform native mobile application development tool.



Mango Technologies is a leading developer of software for mobile phones. We develop complete solutions for handsets and worked across the entire spectrum of devices-from low cost handsets to smart-phones. We have developed an entire application framework for mobile phones, and which was specifically targeted at harnessing the entire potential of low cost 2G to 3G phones.


Atelier: New age uI design Tool for feature phones

PC Tools and Architecture

We developed PC-based tools to develop applications and UI for MAF. These tools have helped our customers to retain their edge over their competitors, in the fiercely competitive mobile phone market. This is extremely important in emerging economies, where we believe the maximum growth in connected devices is expected to happen. We understand the requirements of our end users in these emerging economies, and this is why our products have always been fine-tuned to cater to their needs.